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Mr. Requa was born on March 27, 1881 in Rock Island, Illinois.

In 1900 he moved to San Diego with his parents, where he attended Norfolk College and studied electrical engineering.  He received his architectural training by working as an on-site project supervisor for the Irving J. Gill architectural firm.

In 1934 Mr. Requa was appointed Master Architect for the California Pacific International Exposition of 1935-36.  His designs were extensions of Goodhue’s earlier work of the first Exposition of 1915-16, not Requa’s trademark vernacular style.

He became very interested in the historical heritage of the Colonial style of Old Mexico, the Pueblos of the Southwest and the Moorish features from Spain and North Africa.

Because the buildings from the 1914-15 Exposition were in bad shape, there were discussions to tear them down.  Requa along with Frank Drugan and others convinced the city council and

Chamber of Commerce to repair rather then to demolish these temporary structures.  These refurbished buildings served the 1935 California Pacific Exposition and continue to give Balboa Park its unique character today.

In 1926 and 1928 Requa made extended trips to Spain and the Mediterranean area to study the architectural details and garden effects, filming and photographing them for further study here at home.

Requa created this own architectural firm know as “Requa and Jackson” in San Diego, and they became the architects of choice during the booming 20’s.  Their style named “Southern California Architecture” dominated the San Diego scene.

Mr. Requa built two homes for himself, which remain in excellent condition today.  One in Mission Hill in 1913, and the other one in Loma Portal in 1921.

In 1941 Requa died of a heart attack while at work in his office.

Influential People


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